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ovarian cyst, women, oncomarkers, histological picture

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Isroilov, R., & Yakubbekova, S. (2019). СLINICAL AND HYSTOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF OVARIAN BENIGN TUMORS. Herald of Tashkent Medical Academy, (3 (31), 112-115. Retrieved from http://www.tma-journals.uz/index.php/ttaa/article/view/66


Objective: to study the clinical manifestations and morphological features of ovarian benign tumors. Material and methods: We examined 86 patients admitted to the gynecological department of the Andijan branch of the Republican Scientific Center of Oncology for the ovarian tumors, aged from 20 to 48 years. Preoperative examination included ultrasound examination with dopplerography of ovarian vessels and determination of CA-125 tumor marker in blood. For histological examination, histological preparations were prepared from the resected cyst walls according to a conventional technique. Results: The most common ovarian benign tumors are identified between the ages of 20-29 and 30-39 years. A wide spread of the CA-125 tumor marker was noted (from 11.2 to 58.4), the average value did not exceed the accepted norm (35 U/ ml). In biopsies established the polymorphism of histological changes in the capsule of tumors. The tumors mostly (32.5%) was formed by follicular and luteal cysts. Benign epithelial tumors was in 27.2% of cases, of which 11.7% were serous and 13.3% were endometrial. In 5% of cases a germinogenic tumor was observed in the form of a mature teratoma, in 2 cases - malignancy to adenocarcinoma. A significant part of the cystic tumors did not have epithelial lining, which made it difficult to establish histogenesis and the nature of the ovarian neoplasm. Conclusions: It is necessary to perform express diagnostics during a laparoscopy operation to resolve the issue of the scope of operative intervention and further tactics.

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